Best art, history and archaeology museums in Amman, Jordan

The Jordan Folklore Museum and the Jordan Museum

Amman, Jordan, is a city steeped in rich historical significance and vibrant artistic expression, offering a tapestry of museums that weave together the country’s diverse heritage. From the acclaimed Jordan Museum to the artistry showcased at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts and the historical narratives housed within the Jordan Archaeological Museum, the city … Read more

Best Richmond museums for history and art enthusiasts

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the American Civil War Museum

Richmond, Virginia, a city steeped in history and artistic expression, hosts a myriad of museums that offer a captivating journey through time and creativity. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts stands as a cornerstone, boasting an extensive collection spanning centuries and cultures. The American Civil War Museum and the Richmond National Battlefield Park delve into … Read more

Best history and art museums in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro and The National Museum of Brazil

Nestled between lush mountains and iconic beaches, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a city that pulsates with energy, music, and a palpable cultural vibrancy. Beyond its renowned Carnival festivities and stunning landscapes, Rio is a treasure trove for history and art enthusiasts. The city hosts an impressive array of museums, each telling a unique story … Read more

History museums you should visit in Edmonton, Canada

The Fort Edmonton Park, the Alberta Railway Museum, and the Royal Alberta Museum

Edmonton, Canada, boasts a captivating array of history museums that provide a journey through time and offer valuable insights into the region’s rich past. From the expansive Royal Alberta Museum to the meticulously curated Edmonton Public Schools Archives and Museum, these institutions invite visitors to explore the historical tapestry of this vibrant city. For those … Read more

History museums in San Francisco, California, you must see

California Historical Society and San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

San Francisco, California, a city steeped in rich history and cultural diversity, offers a captivating array of history museums that beckon both locals and visitors alike. From the maritime legacy celebrated at The San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park to the iconic cable car heritage showcased at The San Francisco Cable Car Museum, the city’s … Read more

Best history and art museums to visit in Salem, Massachusetts

The House of the Seven Gables and Nathaniel Hawthorne Birthplace

Salem beckons history and art enthusiasts with its rich tapestry of museums. From the iconic House of the Seven Gables to the immersive Pioneer Village, the city offers a glimpse into its storied past. The Nathaniel Hawthorne Birthplace pays homage to the literary genius, while The Friendship of Salem and East India Marine Society delve … Read more

Brasília museums to visit for history, art, and culture lovers

The JK Memorial, and Museu Nacional da República

Brasília, the captivating capital of Brazil, boasts a rich tapestry of cultural institutions, with a diverse array of museums that celebrate its heritage and significance. Among the city’s prominent cultural landmarks are the JK Memorial, dedicated to the visionary President Juscelino Kubitschek, the Museu de Arte de Brasília, showcasing an impressive collection of contemporary art, … Read more

Best history museums to visit in Montreal, Quebec

Pied-du-Courant Prison, Pointe-à-Callière Museum, and the Bank of Montreal Museum

Montreal, the cultural hub of Quebec, is a city steeped in a captivating history that spans centuries. As one of Canada‘s oldest and most vibrant cities, it boasts a diverse heritage that has left an indelible mark on its present-day identity. At the heart of preserving and celebrating this heritage lie the numerous history museums … Read more

Best history museums to visit in Chicago, Illinois

The Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum of Natural History and The Chicago History Museum

Chicago is a city known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant history. Stepping into its numerous history museums feels like embarking on a captivating journey through time. From the fascinating tales of early settlers to the captivating stories of pivotal events in American history, these museums offer an immersive and educational experience for visitors. … Read more

Best history museums to visit in Brussels, Belgium

Some of the most famous museums of Brussels: The Art & History Museum in the left, the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History in the middle, and the Brussels City Museum to the right

With its rich historical heritage and cultural significance, Brussels offers an array of exceptional museums that cater to the interests of avid history enthusiasts. From exploring ancient artifacts to immersing yourself in the narratives of influential figures and pivotal events, these museums provide an unforgettable journey through time. In this article, we will unveil the … Read more